Our Past

The Mornington Peninsula Junior Football League was established in 1970 and at that time consisted of only under 15 and under 17 boys competitions.

At its inception, the MPJFL consisted of five clubs. Beleura, Crib Point, Mount Martha and South Mornington. These clubs banded together with the vision of facilitating organized junior football for children within their respective areas, and remain extremely valued and respected stakeholders in the MPJFL 50 years later.

Throughout the leagues 50 years in existence there have been several players drafted into the AFL system, and that have tried their hand in competing at the VFL level. Of recent years, the league has proudly produced two number #1 draft picks, Lachlan Whitfield and Jacob Weitering, both from Mount Martha JFC.

The league has an extremely rich history and has played an integral part in shaping the Mornington Peninsula community for the last 50 years, providing a safe and inclusive way for children throughout the region to play football.

Our Present

Now, in 2023, the Mornington Peninsula Junior Football League is a strong, independent country football league that is proud of its history and excited for what the future holds for football on the peninsula.

In this 2023 season, the MPJFL consists of 14 clubs, and 132 teams, spreading from Under 9s to Under 17s. The MPJFL also boasts a strong female football program and will prioritize growth in this area for the years to come.

The MPJFL now operates out of an office facility in Hastings, as well as our own sporting facility at Bluescope Recreation Oval, which is a part of our arrangement with our major partner Bluescope Steel, which we are extremely thankful of. This facility is used mostly for our interleague program, which now sees 11 teams each season take the field representing the MPJFL as the ‘Steelers’.

From humble beginnings the MPJFL has grown into a well-respected organization that is underpinned by community values such as inclusion and growth, and we look forward to seeing the continued development in the years to come.

MPJFL Life Members

1976 – Peter Ainsworth*

1976 – Ron Pike

1976 – Ian Alexander

1977 – Ed Franssen

1977 – William Feaver*

1980 – Jim Humphries

1982 – John Dixon

1984 – Rex Kelsey

1985 – Daryl Westworth

1986 – Jeff Drew

1986 – Wayne Ramsay

1988 – Max Jenkins*

1988 – Don McKenzie*

1989 – John Stanton

1990 – Christine Pascoe

1990 – Jim Klauer

1991 – Ted Gent

1991 – Andrew Garnett

1991 – Neil Hose

1992 – Ken Dodd

1992 – Rob Nicholls

1992 – Michael Binney

1996 – Vitas Spokevicius

1997 – Tony Vagg

1997 – Sue Jones

1997 – Leestre McCallum

1999 – Kevin Davies

1999 – Michael Smeeton

2001 – Clyde McCartin

2001 – Shane McDonald

2002 – Kristine Harrower

2006 – Jenny Bain

2007 – Brian Horan

2010 – Andrew Palmer

2010 – Gavin Bock

2010 – Gavin Buchan

2010 – Colin O’Neill

2012 – Trevor Dixon

2012 – Steve Brindle

2013 – Andrew Souter

2013 – Evert Dekleuver

2015 – Alan Trigg

2017 – Paul Bartolo

2018 – Paul Lonsdale

2022 – Stephen Burt

The Board

Mark BarrowChairman
Ella McConnellBoard Member
Stephen BurtBoard Member
Fred AckermanBoard Member
Colin O'NeilBoard Member
Chloe DonazzanBoard Member

The Staff

Ben LawrenceGeneral Manager

The Executive Committee

James ArundaleFootball & Coaching
Paul Lonsdale Umpiring
Heath GillettCommunity Engagement & Grants
Alistair BoydIntegrity & Conduct
Colin JonesFinance
Rebecca Constantinou Secretary
Paul Lonsdale Umpiring