Covid. A word we have heard far too often lately, and one that has a varying effect on mental health throughout the Mornington Peninsula.


This last 18 months has been hard for all Australians, and particularly us Victorians, as we have battled a number of challenges that are both unique and unprecedented.


During these times, it is important to remain mindful that in our club environments, as well as the wider community, covid has impacted mental health in different ways. Now is the time to eliminate any perceived stigma surrounding the topic, and encourage club members to seek the support that the club network can offer.


Community sport is an escape for its participants, particularly when we are talking about the junior level. Socializing and physical activity are tried and tested methods of stimulating the brain, and go a long way in combatting the effects that covid has had on mental health.


Now more than ever, community plays a pivotal part in how we get through this pandemic, and more specifically, community sporting clubs. Our MPJFL clubs are communities within a community, and play an important role in the wellbeing and growth of participants, as well as the growth of the region altogether.


We are asking clubs during this period to perform three tasks, that we consider to be extremely important in getting through this lockdown together.

1- Raise awareness and break down the stigma surrounding mental health

2- Keep communication lines open

3- Show support to your local businesses, especially your sponsors!


Over the next few weeks we will be adding mental health resources to our club corner section, for clubs and individuals from our league to use.


If any club is experiencing difficulties, or require added support in any facet of their operation, we ask that they reach out to us to see how we can help.