Bright and early this morning (3am!), 70 participants and MPJFL staff departed BlueScope Reserve to embark on the 2023 MPJFL New Zealand Tour!

The tour is an annual MPJFL event, that has returned this year after covid interrupted the program in 2020. Participants from across the league are granted equal opportunity to take part, with the clubs and families providing nominations to formulate the three teams that will represent the MPJFL over the coming days.

The three touring squads (Under 14 Boys, Under 15/16 Boys and Under 14/17 Girls) began training in early November, and will get their chance to put their hard work to the test against strong and determined AFL New Zealand High Performance Academy teams this weekend. The squad lists are:

Under 14 Boys: 

# Name Club 
1 Jack Travers Red Hill
2 Ben Fraser Tyabb
3 Noah Giarrusso Rosebud
4 Will Griffiths South Mornington
5 Digby Young Balnarring
6 Thomas Tuff Rosebud
7 Benjamin Walker Balnarring
8 Xavier Bushell South Mornington
9 William Gross Mount Martha
10 Jack Willis Balnarring
12 Oscar Walley Sorrento
13 Oliver Paton Dromana
14 Angus Karl Abschinski Mt Martha
15 George Hick Balnarring
16 Samuel Inglese Sorrento
17 Gus Lyons South Mornington
18 Riley Tonkin South Mornington
25 Isaac Flynn South Mornington
27 Rohan Larkins South Mornington
29 Lewcas Boyd Gillett Rosebud
30 Dylan Kenneth-Read Rosebud
30 Xander Mcdonald Dromana
Andrew Souter Coach
Stacey Bushell Team Manager
Belinda Ingram Trainer


Under 14/17 Girls

# Name Club 
1 Ella Ingram Dromana
2 Caitlin Ingram Dromana
3 Jemma Ingram Dromana
4 Madison Jones Waves
5 Maia Berryman Mt Martha
6 Lillian Avis Somerville
7 Jemaya Bressan Mt Martha
8 Isabella Robinson Mt Martha
9 Isla Parris Crib Point
10 Makhaela Bluhm Mt Martha
11 Indiana Dale Mt Martha
13 Morgan Read Rosebud
15 Ruby Watts Mt Martha
16 Trinity Demooy Somerville
17 Summer Arundale Mt Martha
18 Ella Giarrusso Rosebud
19 Amy Harris Balnarring
20 Ava Garas Mt Martha
21 Emily Jerkovic Somerville
23 Willow Hofer Mt Martha
25 Jayde Pudney Waves
27 Aaleaya Newth Rosebud
28 Georgia Bracun Mt Martha
30 Ava Dawn Gillett Rosebud
Marc Bressan Coach
Jake Dale Team Manager
Julianne Harris Trainer


Under 15/16 Boys

# Name Club 
2 Felix Gargante Sorrento
3 Kobe Richards Mt Martha
4 Murray Evans Dromana
5 Nate Hogarth South Morninton
6 Cooper Heap Rosebud
7 Sebastian Davies South Morninton
8 Joshua Bell South Morninton
9 Izrael Ryan-Brewster Rosebud
10 Miller Snooks Rosebud
11 Cooper Mitchell Sorrento
12 Ethan Maxwell Crib Point
13 Ocean Shepheard Mt Martha
14 Noah Stevenson Dromana
15 Hudson Price Mt Martha
17 Alex Inglese Dromana
20 James Hilli South Morninton
22 Rhys Collery Dromana
23 Noah Wisken Crib Point
24 Adam D’Alia Rosebud
25 Noah Kyriacou Balnanaring
26 Ryder Arundale
27 Tyler John Somerville
29 Liam Mcdonald Dromana
James Scown Coach
Rebecca Constantinou Team Manager
Gayle Collery Trainer 


Marcus Prasad, from the Dromana Junior Football Club, will be taking the field for the AFL New Zealand Under 15/16 team, as he has New Zealand heritage within his family. This is a fantastic opportunity presented to Marcus, and one that has been offered in the past, with former MPJFL players such as Max Urwin representing New Zealand at the international level.

The tour features two matches for each for the three squads, over the weekend and into Monday. Please find the match information below:

Match 1 – Saturday 15th April – North Harbour Stadium

Under 14 Boys – 10.00AM

Under 14/17 Girls – 11.45AM

Under 15/16 Boys – 1.30PM

Match 2 – Monday 17th April – North Harbour Stadium

Under 14/17 Girls – 10.00AM

Under 14 Boys – 1.00PM

Under 15/16 Boys – 2.45PM

We are excited to announce that thanks to the support of League Partner Innovative Controls, the matches will be live streamed for all to enjoy back home. You will be able to stream the games live via the following link – – when the matches get underway!

The MPJFL’s relationship with AFLNZ began in 2015 and has since become a partnership, one that provides participants from both countries an opportunity that is unique, and exclusive to the two organisations. The AFLNZ High Performance Academy teams are made up of participants from across the country, who converge in Auckland to form the team that will take on the MPJFL Steelers. Australian Rules is a growing sport in New Zealand, and this tour has become as important for them, as it is to us!

Outside of Football, the participants will be treated as special guests to the AFL New Zealand High Performance Awards Ceremony, which will be held at AUT University, Auckland. Here, the participants and the accompanying families will be welcomed, and will get to experience first hand how much the New Zealanders love their footy. The touring squads will also experience a number of cultural activities, including visiting the Mt Eden Volcano and Mission Bay on their rest day.

It goes without saying that these opportunities are not created without the hard work of staff and volunteers. As such, we would like to thank Andrew Souter for his tireless work getting the tour up and running, as well as the coaches, team managers and trainers who have donated their time throughout the process which began late last year.

We wish the players the best of luck over the weekend, as they represent their clubs, the league, region, and country against AFLNZ, and hopefully make memories that will last a lifetime!