Thousands of clubs across Victoria band together for TAC and AFL Victoria Road Safety Round Over 1200 football and netball clubs across metro and regional Victoria will be supporting a new initiative this weekend for TAC and AFL Victoria Road Safety Round.

For the 30th year of their partnership with AFL Victoria, the TAC will be spreading their message of eliminating deaths and serious injuries on the roads to over 400,000 Victorians involved in local sporting clubs across the state, along with their onlooking communities.

Throughout the history of the AFL, black armbands have been worn to honour a death in the community. For TAC and AFL Victoria Road Safety Round, club captains, players, and their entire communities will be wearing a blue armband, one that represents their commitment to eliminating deaths and serious injuries on our roads.

The Band Together campaign was kicked off by a TVC featuring coach and AFL legend Brett Ratten, who lost his son Cooper to a road accident in 2016, alongside a mother, local shop owner, police officer, local club captain and coach, each of whom had their own unique experience with road safety.

On the blue armbands is a QR code which houses video content of reasons why road safety matters to the featured community ambassadors, plus an ever-growing number of Victorians.

The TAC is asking every community member to not just wear the band, but share their own story on social media in the hope that it will inspire others to be better on the roads. Every story will be uploaded to the band, creating more than just a wearable message, but a hub of reasons to believe in the power and effect of safe driving.

Following a difficult year that saw community sport cancelled, TAC Chief Executive Officer, Joe Calafiore, said this year’s Road Safety Round was about bringing the community together to change attitudes around road safety.

“This year we wanted to focus on the idea that being safe on the road is the responsibility of every driver, and that we all have a role to play in making our roads safer for our communities. Tragically, we’ve already lost 92 Victorians on the road this year, so let’s band together to reduce the amount of accidents on our roads,” said Mr Calafiore.

Thanks to the TAC Club Grants program, clubs that get involved and contribute to the campaign can use this as part of their application for a $10,000 grant. Brad Scott, Head of AFL Victoria, is looking forward to seeing local clubs rally behind the cause and help spread the road safety message.

“Local footy clubs are the heart of community Victoria, and this weekend we’re going to be leading the conversation around road safety to help reduce the incidents of road trauma. Last year, 126 people died on regional Victorian roads and 85 fatalities in metro areas, so talking about road safety is incredibly important to all Victorians,” said Mr Scott.

Community members can get involved by filming their reason for wearing the band and wanting safer roads, and sharing socially using #tacbandtogether, or visiting to learn more. There are over 700,000 bands being distributed to every club across the state, so head to your local to grab yours, and wear your support this weekend for TAC and AFL Victoria Road Safety Round