Welcome to the MPJFL Academy!

The Academy has been launched to extend upon the existing interleague program and will look to create a multitude of opportunities for participants and coaches within the MPJFL to develop their skills, grow as footballers and grow individually.

The Academy will implement a holistic development approach, that will focus on several key strategical areas as listed below.

The establishment of the Academy will co-inside with the growth of representative football and will allow us as a league to implement the necessary framework to succeed and thrive.

We are extremely excited for the Academy to take shape over the 2021 summer, and believe that our overall visions and objectives will stimulate growth in our region in a number of spaces.


All players that are selected to trial for interleague will become part of the MPJFL Academy, and will reap the benefits even if not successful in making the final team that will play in the Regional Carnival. This holistic approach will ensure that participants remain engaged, and that there are clear pathways for individual growth as well as to compete for a spot the following year. There will be external involvement in the Academy through specialist coaching, and program collaborators that can assist in the Strategical Development Areas.

The Academy will also look to develop the coaches within the MPJFL, through specialist coach development, training events, and the production and distribution of league wide resources that will aim to enhance the standard and common practice across the league. This will be a fantastic opportunity for coaches within the MPFJL to get involved with the academy and use the framework provided to enhance their own skills and take this back to club level.